Kristen is Uptown’s Employee of the Month! – August 2019

Meet this month’s employee of the month!

Every month, we call out one awesome Dogtown employee at each of our locations.  Get to know this month’s employee of the month, and don’t forget to say “Hi!” and “Congrats!” at the store! Each employee gets a prize for being so great.  Dogtown would not be the same without our amazing staff!

Uptown Employee of the Month

The August 2019 Employee of the Month is Kristen!!

kristenKristen has been an outstanding team member with our Uptown team for quite some time now. She has gone from being a daycare handler to now being a supervisor in training. Kristen also enjoys spending her time working with the animals at the Cincinnati Zoo. At home, Kristen has one dog named Bam Bam.

Congratulations, Kristen! Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to our team. You are truly as asset to our facility!

It’s not just a daycare, it’s DOGTOWN!!!

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