Blu is Anderson’s Pet of the Month! – February 2019

Meet this month’s pet of the month!

Every month, we call out one special dog at each of our locations.  Check out this month’s dog of the month!

Anderson Pet of the Month

The February 2019 Pet of the Month is Blu!!!


The February 2019 Pet of the Month is Blu!

When we first met Blu, his parents informed us that he was nervous with just about everything. Well, we are pleased to inform you that he is blossoming into such a confident little boy. Blu is super sweet and cuddly and adores being loved on by his humans. He also enjoys chasing and catching the toys in the daycare room and playing around with the other dogs.

Congratulations Blu! We are so proud of how far you have come! You are so loved.

It’s not just a daycare, it’s DOGTOWN!!!


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