Dogtown Anderson is Open 24/7!

Dogtown is Different


Dogtown Never Closes.

Customers can pick up dogs any time, any day, 365 days per year.

Dogtown understands the need for flexibility!  If you’re flying in on a red-eye, or heading out of town at the break of dawn, we are here for you.  It is extremely rare to find a pet care facility that is open at all times.  Dogtown employees are always on site, cuddling with dogs, and we do not throw them in kennels overnight and go home.  Rather, we work hard to give dogs a home-like boarding experience.  Dogs love to be with other dogs and feel safe with people who love them.  Our goal is to reduce your stress, so you can enjoy your time away while your dog is being taken care of and loved like family!

Come visit Dogtown to see the difference.

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