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Taking your dog to doggie daycare can be scary, especially if you do not have much experience owning a dog.  Doggie daycare can be extremely beneficial for dogs, but the entire experience is dependent on the dog owner’s emotional state and realistic understanding of the nature of dogs.  If you are scared or sad to leave your dog, he will pick up on that, and be much less likely to enjoy the dog daycare experience.  If you are excited for your dog, get him excited about daycare, and leave him with confidence, you are sure to have a better experience with doggie daycare.  Additionally, pet owners must remember that dogs are not human, and the way they communicate and emotionally respond to certain kinds of human communication can result in unintended negative consequences, one of the most common being separation anxiety.

So, we are opening up the floor to questions you may have about dogs.  Ask us anything, and we will give you our insights based on our own experiences, both as pet owners, and as pet care professionals.  We have seen so many problems, quirks, strange behaviors from dogs, and can offer advise on so many things involving dog ownership, whether it has to do with behavioral issues, dog daycare policies, or general pet ownership inquiries.  Hopefully this blog will help everyone feel more comfortable with dog daycare, as well as with Dogtown and it’s policies and mission to be there for you in any way we can to hlep make your pet ownership experience easier!


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